8 November 2013

To My Callous Mistress

BEAR in your mind O’ dear
Those little words beaded with love
Of this heart of mine rapture
And muffled whispers of my soul too

Words are not mere words
They are the psalms cast on you
Not shrouded in spears nor swords
Save sweets and sugar

Orb of your beauty galore
That even poets would be baffled
And bring moon and stars to sore
While soft-winged cherubs croon in choir

The peasants gather with scythes and spades
And dance and uncork wine bottles
And honour you raw until dusky even shade
When lords and ladies join in too

The tramps and shepherds place their flutes
Over their bosoms and play no more
Nor spendthrift sons work their lutes
As they long to hear your soft utterance

But if only with them I could commune
That you like no men who like you
To love you is to build castles in dune
Aught but not a heart you possess

Beauty without heart is misery
If only you could cultivate love
You would glow in all pageantry
Of this earth and heaven

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