9 November 2013


I shall not compare your golden cascading tresses
     With the meandering mountain brooks
          Nor with fruit-laden boughs in woods;

I shall not compare your piercing elegant eyes
     With peerless pearls in seas
 Nor with snow-white doves fluttering in even breeze;

I shall not compare your impeccably fair visage
     With the magnificent moon
Nor with soothing showers of July and June;

I shall not compare your seraphic smiles
     With coalesced petals into a chaste corolla
Nor with the finest wine relished at the royal gala;

I shall not compare your soft scarlet lips in sheen
     With the sparkling shooting stars
Nor with the flight and might of Avatars;

I shall not compare your tender bosoms
     With silky spring buds
Nor with the bubbly soft soapsuds;

I shall not compare the smooth velvety touch of your hands
     With splendid snow flakes
Nor with the blue pacific lakes;

I shall not compare your solicitous warmth
     With hearths in every hamlet
Nor with men who warm coy mistresses by their sylvan serenade;

I shall not compare you
     With the heavenly beings
Nor with the daughters of imperial kings;

You glide beyond the dale of comparison
     And thus, truly beyond compare
I dare not compare!