9 February 2014

Your supposed Man

WAS there ever a man
Born of ordinary union
But with honest eyes
That saw an angel in you

With a gentle heart
That pounded restlessly
Every time your name
Was heard

The heart that could feel
Your shy whispers
That of love and passion
You convey through the breeze

Had such a man ever walked
Over this earth and heaven
You yearned to see him
Come and lock you in embrace

Who should come by day
With the rising sun
And by night
With the shooting stars

Who should show his love
For you more than
The tongues and pens do
Like mysteries being revealed

Who takes on life
With ease and gentleness
And stands next to you
Through the darkest nights

And your deepest fears
He should ward off
With love that lasts
Little lot more than forever

Should he be your man
Who is flawless in design
And fits your fancy
Well, he’s not yet born…

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