7 September 2013

Spring Love

FULL many young souls in each other find,
A new seed of love germinating this spring;
Two souls shall into one bind
Like hundred beads on a single string.
The earth shall blossom into a heaven
And love shall be offered to the pantheon.

Crags shall be cloaked in snowy creams,
Rainbow shall run across the freedom sky,
Fishes shall parade in exquisite streams
And colours shall gleam from a butterfly
To every blade of lush emerald grass
And unto every mass of sand, gold and brass.

As loveswept men tell tall tales
To their well-tended women fair,
That they could bring stars upon dales
If only few words their women should spare,
Almighty Lord shall eavesdrop from above
Only to be amused and left bemused by love.

Many jilted lovers shall await the taciturn other
To bury the hatchet and return home
When their erstwhile lovers would hardly bother;
But love grows both in the sun and storm.
The waxing waning love all again tantalize
Dreams of lovers, how nigh to realize?

Spring shall breed familiar strange emotions
Upon the bosoms where Cupid has laid its carpet;
The world shan’t cast its trials and tribulations
But welcome the felicity in bouquet, wine, and trumpet.
Spring at her best showers in all her conviviality

The elixir to allow a tinge of eternity...


  1. Welcome to blogging.... ps:work on your blogging template a little. Do check on my blog too. Happy writing.,,,,,

  2. Thanks Sonam...Yeah, I have been trying to do but without success hitherto. And yeah, yours is full of live, light and lustre. Good one. Will let you know if I need any help. Hope you won't mind to lend your hand. :)