6 November 2013

Silent Sobs

THE pungent smell of your perfume wafts
Subtly by the tear-decked corridors of my mind,
Bringing forth, as it often does, a deluge of memories…
And it’s only in remembering you
That smiles playfully see-saw on my sunken face

Your artfully made up face emits sparks
That lights the darkest of my nights;
You came like a snowfall
And went away like angry blizzards…
And I haven’t seen light since.
Darkness smiled at me and I found
A worthy companion in it,
That I shudder at the name of light…

It is in the darkness I see your eyes glint
And the darkness makes you all too brighter
But you are the brightest in my memories
Where you are the soul inhabitant...

I am surrounded by many a friend
And as they hoot with strings of laughter
I can barely fake a smile;
Through my tear-tanned eyes
They come to know why I keep to myself
And they know they can’t blame me
For my indifference!!!

Each day I wake up early to catch the sunrise
But it denies to greet me with its warm kiss
Its blatant denial slowly corrodes my heart
With sorrows I haven’t known before
For it was in the warmth of morn sun
I saw my love grow...

And each night I stay awake waiting
To steal a glimpse of a kalapinka
Singing with all its heart and soul,
But it’s been quite a while
That I haven’t heard its soul-soothing singings
Perhaps I will never hear its songs again.
As the chaos whirling within has broken
This heart of mine into disarray
The songs only irk me...
But it was kalapinka’s song where I could
Unlink myself from the world’s woes
And I turned to its songs for solace
And it’s in its songs I could aptly converse
My sighs of wanting love
And whispers of burning desire...

And if we ever meet again
Let me never see you in tears
I may not be able to hold mine own,
Let alone wiping yours;
Let me never feel that you are troubled
I may not be able to ease your troubles;
And let me never find you faking smiles
I may not be able to take them in...
I shall shift my path if I see you first
Before I get a different mind
And away I will go before you can see me,
But if it’s you who sees me first
Then I have to be awfully sorry again...


  1. Really a nice poem. It's lyrical as well. :-)

  2. Beautiful poem. Is it based on your own experience?

    1. Wow! I am literally exhilarated to see you comment here. The last time I saw you was with Ngawang sir of Penstar. I am here in blogger since Nov 2010 but I had a series of setbacks that I couldn't keep myself active. :-)

      Thank you so very much for your lovely comment. No, it is fictional. I won't sob silently had it happened to me. I would rather cry like a child. :-)

      Well, thank you a lot again.

    2. It's good that you're back with blogging. Glad that it's just fictional. You are so good with poems. Keep writing!!!