14 August 2014

When I Leave and Go

Last night I heard a strange sound in the backyard. Soon dogs assuming sentry began to bark. I turned the lights off and plunged to my welcoming, snug bed. I was frozen in fear. My mane stood upright as though the latest hair-styling gel in the town had its nauseating effect on them and gooseflesh pricked on my skin everywhere. Looking warily for some possible means to calm myself, I began to work my rosary which I always carry along. Just then, the sound ceased, much to my relief. I was all smiles thereafter. On hingsight, I realized how even a brief tensed moment such as this could ridicule a man's equanimity. I then pondered on, with my half-parted lips and a tinge of fear tingling me, what helluva things gonna happen to me when I leave this world and go.


  1. It was a terrible night for you. Good that it disappeared while upon doing rosary. If this is the case alive, real case after death may be beyond imagination. Need to prepare ourselves for that day. It is always good to ready in advance. Prayers are always helpful.

    1. Yes, it indeed was terrible for me then. And thinking of the journey we must make one day makes me shudder all the more. Well, the fact that we can prepare for it makes some amends, though. Thanks for caring enough to read la. :)