18 November 2013

Evanescence to Eternity

BLOW me a kiss over this fall breeze
And let the remnants of summer freeze
Then I shall sing one sylvan song
And take you out of this humdrum throng
To the place where you actually belong
Still smiling, still sanguine and still strong

Shower me hugs along these fawn fall leaves
And let the winter roll in great heaves
Then I shall have you huddled up in my arms
To let the butterflies flutter in swarms
As free as they are in yonder farms
With charisma, with chivalry and with charms

Let’s be greeted by a heavenly host,
Let’s our worldly names be left and lost
Far behind the undulating hills of obscurity
As we glide past evanescence to eternity
To make one with both ancestry and posterity
Evanescence to eternity!!!