9 November 2013

Mindless Thoughts

“A walk by dusk
With the moon hanging overhead
And her constant entourage(stars) like a halo;
And a halt by tavern,
Wanting to drink a little,
Wanting to word my wine-wisdom,
Wanting to shed some tears,
Wanting to fall but in love...
And wanting to rise again
Sober, stronger and more sanguine
Each time I fall...”

Main Text
I want to stare at the stars
So that I get gooseflesh
All over me
Seeing them twinkle
A little lot more
Than the other night...

I want to sit by the tavern
So that I can quaff a pint
And in my drunken stupor
All I’d utter is:
I am drunk in sobriety
Like I am not when I am...

I want to saunter by dusk
Through a mosaic of meadows
With the moon
In the sky overhead
Alone and yet in company
Of the myriad creatures around

I want to write a word
Of speech, of silence
That cannot be worded
And I will call it a poem
Even when poetry
It scarcely sounds...

I want to shed some tears
So that my eyes are cleansed
Of the dirt begotten hitherto
Because they say,
“Eyes awash with tears
See life better!”

I want to fall in love someday
So that I’d scrape my knees
And break my limbs...
Like I fell when I was a toddler
And every time I fall
I shall rise twice as much... 


  1. Ola amigo,bem vindo á meu blog.Lindo texto poético da tua autoria.Tenhas um ótimo fim de semana e fica com meu abraço.SU

    1. Since I am not very well-versed in tech thing, I could not translate and read your comment. Anyway, thank you for caring enough to read and comment. :)