14 August 2014

When I Leave and Go

Last night I heard a strange sound in the backyard. Soon dogs assuming sentry began to bark. I turned the lights off and plunged to my welcoming, snug bed. I was frozen in fear. My mane stood upright as though the latest hair-styling gel in the town had its nauseating effect on them and gooseflesh pricked on my skin everywhere. Looking warily for some possible means to calm myself, I began to work my rosary which I always carry along. Just then, the sound ceased, much to my relief. I was all smiles thereafter. On hingsight, I realized how even a brief tensed moment such as this could ridicule a man's equanimity. I then pondered on, with my half-parted lips and a tinge of fear tingling me, what helluva things gonna happen to me when I leave this world and go.