7 April 2013


Amidst the emptiness of my dreams,
In the still void of my life,
You have garlanded me with glorious
Strings of incessant love and solicitude.
You have sprung upon my life as North Star.
Unto you and you alone I owe
A shoreless sea of altruistic love.

In the guise of your intense love,
I have breathed the new air of life;
In the immensity of your stalwart love,
I have seen the reason for my existence.
I have never felt deep your warmth,
Your loving touch, your puissant presence—
You are the one I have been in lookout for
Since myriad summers and winters;
But when you did come over me
I took you for any other monsoon.
What a fool I have been!

I broke your heart but I realize it only today.
I try to eclipse sorrow but if only I can stop my tears!
I walk like a last man alive in the war
Though I am incurably wounded.
My heart profusely bleeds
And I can barely see through these thick tears;
I never felt such pain until this realization.
No anesthetic works on me,
No smile ignites joy in me.
Naught brings solace unto me!

Your soothing words come at play
As they always did.
But they echo and re-echo only to deafen me.
Your remembrance is no more a panacea
But a cold dungeon.
And even the man in the mirror frowns at me—
I spend sleepless nights
Trying to calm those chaotic climates my heart holds.

You sneaked out of my heart
And gave me no time to talk it through;
Perhaps I didn’t deserve that too.
When I realized you gave me a minute for some fun
You were already into someone;
When I realized I was losing my ground
It was too late to turn around.
When I realized my North Star was clogged by the clouds
It was of no help crying aloud.

Surely my heart shattered into a plethora of pieces
But I’m looking at you with apologetic eyes
If you can feel what I’m going through;
Hoping you will come over
And pick up all those shreds of mine.
I might rest on my pyre but for a while
Yet I will not give up my wait…
Awaiting you!!!

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